Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 10 Airports by Bums on Seats

Been doing some SEO work lately on the site, and as part of it decided to create a ranking system for cities and airports based on the number of seats that fly out daily.

Here's the top 10

ATL Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta
LHR Heathrow, London
HND Haneda, Tokyo
PEK Beijing Capital, China
ORD O Hare, Chicago
CDG Charles De Gaulle, Paris
LAX Los Angeles International, Los Angeles
DFW Dallas/Ft Worth International, Dallas
MAD Barajas, Madrid
FRA Frankfurt International, Frankfurt

I thought it was interesting that Tokyo and Beijing are now in the top 5 - i need to go check out historically to see where they have been. Might be a sign of the times, that the Far East is going to be the center of business and not the US or Europe.

Oh, and BTW Durango comes in at position 1118 :) Ron assures me he's working on it..

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