Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekly Deals On United

This morning I got my normal weekly email from United with weekend deals. I normally don't click through on these emails as they never target the offers in the mail to me. Its always deals out of Los Angeles or flights from Kalamazoo. But today I did.

Some pretty good flights out of Durango for this weekend. Carl and Doug were talking about going to the Tour of California - turns out you can leave early Saturday on a flight to Santa Ana, return Monday for about $200 all in. Pretty damn good. I'm sorely tempted to go see the stage up Mt Palomar - that would be epic standing up there watching them come past.

Another deal United had on for this weekend and next, is to/from Dallas. Works out about $230/$240. I guess DMR's special that they are running with Frontier is taking traffic away from United. Trying to get Rick to come up skiing. Barry & Carin might show up next weekend.

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